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Selling your home in the Bay Area is not always straightforward. The following

useful tips will help you make the best decisions when selling.

Secure a new place first

Before you finally move out of your California home, be sure that your new house is ready. Although it may seem like the obvious thing to do, not everyone makes sure of it. For various reasons, people leave their homes too early. As a result, they stay in hotels until their new house is ready to accommodate them. It could be due to uncompleted renovations or other reasons. You might end up spending significantly more than you hoped. 

Disclose EVERYTHING you know about your home and the neighborhood to potential buyers of your home

Certain rules guide how you sell homes in the United States, especially California. One of the important aspects of selling your home in California is that you must disclose vital information concerning renovations about the house. Failure to disclose information about your property could make you susceptible to civil legal action by your home’s purchaser. Although revealing the faults in the home might reduce its value, it would save you from a possible lawsuit.

Know the current market value of the house

The greatest disservice you could do to yourself in selling your Bay Area house is selling at a lower market price. Before you make a move to sell your home, be sure of the market value presently. Most buyers do their homework before bidding for a property. There are different ways of knowing the current worth of your home. You could use a property valuation calculator to get this sorted. Also, some websites help people value their homes you could try. Finally, you could employ the services of professionals in real estate and property valuation.

Get Our Ultimate Home Selling Guide!

Be selective in your renovations

One of the best ways to increase the value of your home is to do an upgrade. Renovating crucial parts of the house increases its value and brings a higher sales price. However, not all renovations add as much value as others. The reason is that some upgrades, no matter how expensive, do not significantly increase the valuation of the property. Thus, work with our team to provide the proper market research and develop a renovation plan.

TIP: Our Team work with contractors that will defer payment for remodeling/renovation work until you home sales without any fees or interest charges.

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Avoid capital gains tax for selling homes in California

Just as with any other asset, when you sell your home, you could be subject to capital gains taxes when you sell. So it is important to work with your tax advisor and Realtor to create a plan that will eliminate or at least minimize your tax liability.