Tucson is a city in and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona, United States, and is home to the University of Arizona. It is the second-largest city in Arizona, with a population of 542,629 in the 2020 United States Census, while the population of the entire Tucson metropolitan statistical area is 1,043,433

The Economics

Tucson, AZ San Jose
Estimated Population (BestPlaces.net) 530,905 1,023,000
Average Home Cost (BestPlaces.net) $186K $1M
Median Income (BestPlaces.net) $46,881 $55,216
Overall Tax Burden (Based on Statewide Averages – WalletHub) 30th Highest 10th Highest
Tax Friendliness for Retirees

(Ranked By State – Kiplinger)

Least Tax-Friendly Tax-Friendly


The Intangibles

Tucson, AZ San Jose
Amenities (AreaVibes.com) A+ A+
Crime (AreaVibes.com) F D
Schools (AreaVibes.com) F D
Cost of Living (AreaVibes.com) B+ F
Healthcare – State Ranking (US News) 21st Best 5th Best