Boise is the capital city of Idaho. The Boise River Greenbelt is a series of tree-dotted trails and parks hugging the water’s edge. In an art deco building, downtown’s Boise Art Museum has contemporary works and an outdoor sculpture garden. The grand, sandstone Idaho State Capitol Building is nearby. The Old Idaho Penitentiary contains 19th-century prison cells and gallows, plus historic military weaponry. 

The Economics

Boise, ID San Jose
Estimated Population ( 220,859 1,023,000
Average Home Cost ( $303K $1M
Median Income ( $49,209 $55,216
Overall Tax Burden (Based on Statewide Averages – WalletHub) 36th Highest 10th Highest
Tax Friendliness for Retirees

(Ranked By State – Kiplinger)

Least Tax-Friendly Tax-Friendly


The Intangibles


Houston San Jose
Amenities ( A+ A+
Crime ( B D
Schools ( C D
Cost of Living ( C- F
Healthcare – State Ranking (US News) 24th Best 5th Best