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BayAreaGoodbye specializes in rendering relocation assistance to individuals and families considering moving from the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide valuable information and support to help you make the most favorable relocation decisions and navigate the process of relocating from the Bay Area.

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After enjoying successful years of helping people

After enjoying successful years of helping people plan and implement their relocations, we’re very versed in the challenges people face in evaluating and implementing a relocation. Our primary focus has since been to find solutions based on three vital relocation phases: Researching, Planning, and Executing the move.
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Relocation Planning

List the things you cannot leave behind.

Many times, people lose some of their possessions during moving. This part is down to poor preparation, especially when the move is rushed. At times, items of sentimental value get either lost or missing during packing. The best way to ensure that you have all your things is to make a list of everything. Label your boxes as well, according to the list you make. With this in mind, moving will be more secure.

Find a good company

When it comes to moving your things, there is usually only so much you can do by yourself if you’re moving yourself.

Confirm The Availability

There is a new trend in professional soccer: no one sells a player unless they are sure of a replacement.

Prepare to forward mails

Moving is a major change in the affairs of your life. You probably know many details, including addresses and codes off-book.

Where Do You Want To Live?

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